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Growers Resources

Weather Data

Athens July 2023  

Halder July  2023

Marathon July  2023

Merrill July  2023

Garden Update

Will be posted for 2023 season as available

Managing Fungi / Disease Fact Sheets

Ginseng Alternaria

Ginseng Botrytis

Ginseng Cylindrocarpon

Ginseng Fusarium

Ginseng Pythium

Ginseng Phytophthora

Spittle Bug

Pesticide Labels

Bravo Weather Stik Supplemental Label

Captan 80 DF

Captan 80WDG

Captan DF bulletin (ginseng PHI AD082817WI)

Captan Gold 80WDG

Dexter Max

Drexel Captan 50W 10018 Label



Kenja 400SC Fungicide

Luna Flex


Miravis Prime

Orondis Gold B

Orondis Opti-Premix

Orondis Ultra Premix

Orondis-Gold 200

Revus Information Sheet

Revus Label


Special Wisconsin Use Labels

Bravo 24C (renewed in 2023; valid until Dec. 31, 2027)

Topsin 24C (renewed in 2023; valid until Dec. 31, 2027)

Special Use Labels must be onsite.

Mixing Order of Pesticides

Here is the link for the posting of warning signs with examples for your reference:

Helpful Hints for Posting Warning Signs

Application Sites

Pesticide Use Observation

Private Application Record

Other Resources

2023 Ginseng Pesticide Bulletin

E-3137 Building Soil Organic Matter

3067 MSUE Certification

E3144 Update

E 3208

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